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On June 10, 2007, at All Dogs Sports Club, Fouine obtained her third Masters Gamblers qualifying run. As a result, Fouine obtained not only her Gamblers title, but also the coveted Agility Trial Champion and the Bronze Award of Merit titles.

Fouine's VATCh ribbons
Rhéal, Fouine, and Kathryn, with judge Carolyn Dockrill

See a video of the winning Gamblers run:


Breed:Mixed breed, Norwegian Elkhound with (perhaps) German Shepherd Dog
Date of birth:Unknown, estimated to be late 1998 to early 1999
Titles:VMADC (Veteran Masters Agility Dog of Canada)
- March 2006
 SMSDC (Specials Masters Snooker Dog of Canada)
- September 2005
 VMJDC (Veteran Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada)
- February 2006
 VMTRDC (Veteran Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada)
- June 2006
 VMSCDC (Veteran Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada)
- March 2007
  VMGDC (Veteran Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada)
VATCh (Veteran Agility Trial Champion)
Bronze Award of Merit
- June 10 2007

Fouine This happy looking dog is Fouine, who joined the family in January 2001, adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society - she was a stray with no known history. (We are sure she is part Norwegian Elkhound - the rest is a mystery.)

(By the way, her name rhymes with "twin", and is colloquial French for "Snoopy".)

Once we got Fouine home, we discovered what a problem dog she was.

She tried to attack Kitchouch the cat - who wound up spending over a year living in one bedroom until it was safe for him to come out again. When Kathryn visited with her dogs, Fouine would bully them as well.

She was unsocialized, untrained, a fear biter, and suffered from separation anxiety. Several times, I came close to returning her to the Humane Society.

Fouine in Agility Photo © Wendy Beard.
Fortunately, before it came to that, Fouine and I started Agility training. This helped me learn how to handle her, and gave her discipline and a challenge. She still isn't perfect, but she's becoming a very good dog.

Our first few years in Agility were a challenge. However, over time, and by watching video of our runs, I've worked on my handling and our performances improved. We're not perfect, of course, but running Fouine has become sheer joy, and we're both having a lot more fun. (And if you're not having fun, what's the point?)

Here's a photo of Fouine at play:

Fouine at play
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